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No:AIREF/IEA/ICF/MEMO                                                                                                                                Date: 07.11.2014       



Shri Sadananda Gowda Ji,

Hon’ble Minister for Railways.


Sub : Recognition of “All India Railway Engineers Federation” (AIREF) and rectification of anomalies of Railway Engineers on the basis of the recommendations of 6th Pay Commission.


Most Respected Sir,


The All India Railway Engineers Federation (AIREF), an apex body of around one lakh Railway Engineers (Junior Engineers and Senior Section Engineers), is praying for according recognition to the Federation since 1989 for providing them a suitable Democratic Forum to mitigate genuine grievances of its members and enable them to serve better to the cause of the Railways and the Largest public users in the country.

Nature of Service:

We, the Railway Engineers, particularly the Senior Section Engineers and Junior Engineers play a direct role in safe functioning of Railways and equally in safeguarding its Economy. This concept has been duly appreciated by Pay Commissions until the 4th and 5th pay commissions except some anomalies by upgrading some categories and accounting some others to be equal with us without taking in to account the rigorous duties and responsibilities, we actually discharge. The recommendations of the 6th pay Commission has added to the misery by placing us below the non-technical and  non-safety  categories  and this has culminated  on account of absence of a Democratic  service   Association  of  our  own  to put  forth  our  genuine  cause rightly, at right time to the best appreciation of the Government in Railway Organization.   

Considered opinions:

The matter has come under intensive examinations and debates over the years by High Power Committees  and law makers who are of unanimously opinion that the Railway Engineers should be accorded a separate recognitions to represent their problems at appropriate level, outside of the two existing  Railway Labor Unions and anomalies prevailing in the pay scales, as compared  to that of the engineers working in other department of Government of India and under other state Governments need to be rectified with due attentions for re-determining  their service status, promotion prospectus etc .

ANNEXURE -1: Railway Safety Review Committee (Justice Khanna Committee) has categorically recommended debarring Railway Engineers to be a part of the Railway Labor Unions and to give Engineers separate recognition in view of their separate nature of duties, responsibilities, and mode of recruitment & training etc. Similarly, Justice K. N. Wanchoo Committee has also recommended in favour of us. (extract enclosed).

ANNEXURE -2: This recommendation was not accepted by Ministry of Railways because of modification of trade union act (copy enclosed).

ANNEXURE -3: A clarification received from the Minister of Defence in his letter 4th July 2009 addressed to Sri Guru Das Gupta, Hon’ble Member of Parliament loudly justified the reasons for not entertaining employees of supervisory category (Engineers) under labour unions for purpose of administrative conveniences (Copy enclosed).

Ministry of Defence could modify trade union act for betterment of department, even Constitution is being amended as per requirements, we request Ministry of Railways to consider.

ANNEXURE -4: Indian Railways is the biggest technical organization in the country having around one Lakh  Engineers,  but  it does  not  have  separate recognized platform for us. All other departments of central government and all state governments have recognized their Engineers’ Associations.  The strength of engineers in CPWD is around 6200 only (copy enclosed) but they have been given separate recognized platform.

ANNEXURE -5: Railway Protection Force (RPF) has given separate recognized platform during year 1997. More ever, Class-III staff & Class-IV staff associations of Railway Board within Ministry of Railways are also recognized separately and these both associations are excluded from two recognized trade unions/federations.

ANNEXURE -6: As per India Gazette Notification No-605 dtd. 09.04.2009 (copy enclosed), Junior Engineers of all other departments of central government have been given Group-B status but Ministry of Railways implemented partially vide RBE No- 05/2010 dtd.08.01.2010 (copy enclosed). Due to this partial implementation, our subordinates have been equated with us for which it creates discontentment to discharge duty satisfactorily.

ANNEXURE -7: Our grievances had never been represented properly by both Labour federations before pay commissions, for which we have been degraded by each pay commission. Comparisons in tabulated form are enclosed for your kind information.

ANNEXURE -8: At present, both a Diploma holder in nursing and a Degree holder in Engineering join Railways in same grade pay i.e. Rs. 4600/-. The nurse gets two promotions during service period, where as the Degree Engineer does not get a single promotion (comparison enclosed).



Due to non-recognisation of AIREF, we were not able to discuss with previous pay commissions and this time also we will not be able to discuss with 7th pay commission, which has been set up.

Under the aforementioned circumstances we would like to bring to your kind consideration that Several Hon’ble Ministers and Hon’ble Members of Parliament have been recommending our demands to Ministry of Railways from time to time. In view of the larger opinions and recommendations conveyed by different Expert Committees and law makers, we request your good office to kindly consider our genuine demands:




1)     The AIREF be recognized to provide opportunity to Railway Engineers to represent their genuine cause, outside of the Railway Labor Unions in the larger interest of better administration and safe functioning of Railways & its economy.

2)     The minimum grade pay to Junior Engineers and Senior Section Engineers be determined at Rs. 4800/- (PB-2) and Rs.5400/- (PB-3) respectively.  

3)     Group-B status to all Railway Engineers as per India Gazette Notification No-605 dtd. 09.04.2009 with Gazetted status & redesignation as “Assistant Engineer” for senior Section Engineers.

4)     Proper career progression with appropriate promotional facilities at par with other departments like CPWD etc.

      Thanking you sir,


                                                                                Yours sincerely,


                                                                                      (Er A.K.DhanaKumar)

Organizing Secretary/AIREF